Protecting your health – and everyone else’s

You need to know how to reduce the risk of catching and spreading coronavirus because:
  • If you catch coronavirus there is a high risk that you could give it to others.
  • Coronavirus can cause serious illness – older people and people with health problems are most at risk, but there have been deaths of healthy adults and children as well.
  • If you catch coronavirus from the people you live with you will not be able to look after them.
  • GPs and hospitals are treating the worst cases. If less people become ill, it will ease the strain and help them provide the best care. 
  • Coronavirus has spread very quickly around the world. We need to protect people to give us time to develop a vaccine.

It may take a bit of practice for you and anyone you live with to use the ideas on Germ Defence. But once you have learnt them they will become habits that you can do easily -- and they will help protect you from being ill every year. 

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